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John Morrison betting system – My video presentation

2009 August 25

John Morrison Betting system-L.A. Actor won’t need a dayjob, EVER:)

2009 August 25

That’s right guys that’s me I’m talking about in the headline.

The John Morrison betting system will be one of my BIGGEST streams of income.

Since this the first blog entry, let me introuduce myself a really quick-

I came from Italy to US to be an actor, and while finishing college to make my parents happy:), I wanted to make a lot more money that I needed to live and go out a few times… can you blame me?? ;)

So I discovered the online business world, 2 and half years ago now, and while I’m still learning and increase my personal  value to society as far as marketing knowledge, copywriting, different marketing techniques etc., I’m becoming a fairly good internet marketer.

On my quest to develop systems that make me money while I sleep,

I bumped into this sports betting system!

I was as skeptical as you can be right now…. SPORTS BETTING?? I don’t want to gamble, I want a business! RIGHT?

Well, as it turns out, this can be a business, a VERY PROFITABLE one.

The John Morrison betting system right now is 39-0 in Baseball, 7-0 in WNBA.  (That’s WINS-LOSSES)

Last year, in NBA it was 79-0.

Last year, in NHL, it was 167-3.

Is your mouth watering yet?  Mine is… was… and always will be:)

I’ve increased my bankroll 100s of times in 2 short months! Only with Baseball! Can you imagine what’s going to be like with NBA NHL combined?

The reason why your lucky that you found this blog is that you will get a big part of these system for FREE, from ME personally.

No I’m not John Morrison, you will find out more about me here, where you can also GET YOUR HANDS on the John Morrison WNBA system for FREE, my Excel Spreadsheet formula to bet safely and my support by email or facebook.

So let me summarize:

  • If you go to ,
  • JUST BECAUSE you join my list, you will receive the WNBA system, my support and my Excel formula for FREE, right away. Plus instructions for the MLB and NBA systems.
  • PLUS 2 more bonuses waiting for you that I can’t talk about here.
  • If you can open an email, browse the Net and point and click YOU CAN USE IT!
  • NO math , sports, statistics knowledge required!



Vince the Sports Betting Pro.

P.S.:  Did I mention that by getting the systems from me, you won’t need to buy upgrades, updates and new

versions from John Morrison? Yep..


Sports Betting Systems Tips and Tricks

2009 August 27
Posted by pendor12

Here are some generic tips about using a Sports Betting System:

IF YOU DON’T want to know math and sports, find a solid Sports Betting system.

A system is based on statistics and percentages, and it should have a lot more wins than losses.

Some systems can nearly win all the time, and it’s not magic. Read below for tips on how to find the IDEAL betting system


  • You should be able to figure out your plays without complex formulas;
  • you don’t have to be a sports buff to understand it;
  • ideally you can find one source that has a system for more than one sport.
  • Set a goal for your bankroll, and when you reach it, withdraw. By not leaving your money on a sportsbook account for too long, you can avoid losing big with a loss.

BEST SPORTSBOOKS (Websites that allow you to wager online) [Source:]

  1. Pinnacle Sports (U.S. players not allowed)
  2. The Greek
  3. Bookmaker
  4. BetJamaica
  5. Diamond Sportsbook
  6. LegendZ
  7. 5Dimes
  8. BetOnline

These sportsbook were chosen for being the safest for your finances, have the best customer service and the easiest to use websites.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

Vince, the Sports Betting Pro.